crawl space mold removal in Tacoma

Top 10 Ways to Prevent Crawl Space Mold

If you have used services for crawl space mold removal in Tacoma before, the mold removal contractor may have told you of some ways to prevent crawl space mold. Good contractors will help you with that. But if you still don’t know, here are the top 10 ways to prevent crawl space mold. 

  1. Make sure the dryers in your home vent outside and not into the crawl space. This is quite a common mistake. 
  2. All gutters and ducts of the home should empty at least feet away from your home. Water from these sources can easily leak into your crawl space and lead to moisture and mold. 
  3. Every few months, hire professional contractors for regular crawl space inspection and clean up. Professionals will do a much better job, and regular checks will ensure you never get mold, which will cost you more to get cleaned. 
  4. Leave the crawl space alone. Do not store anything in there. Many times, people make the mistake of storing things which eventually leads to mold finding its way into the crawl space. 
  5. Avoid any piping going through the crawl space, but if there are any pipes, you have to be extra careful that these pipes have insulation that will prevent them from leaking or freezing during winter. 
  6. Use the right insulation. Closed cell insulation is the best option for crawl spaces because it also does the job of a vapor barrier. Any other insulation will need to install an additional vapor barrier. Your insulation costs will go up. 
  7. The right ventilation will also help a lot. Ventilation ensures there is adequate air flowing through the crawl space, and there will never be any need for crawl space mold removal
  8. The foundation walls can also have cracks that can lead to the invasion of moisture. Inspect the wall regularly for cracks and holes.
  9. The use of a dehumidifier is also a great way to keep your crawl space moisture and mold-free. However, you have to get a high-quality dehumidifier of the right size for it to be effective. 
  10.  Keep wildlife out. Raccoons, ferrets, possums, snakes, rats, squirrels, etc. keep all these animals and creepy crawlies out of your crawl space. Along with filth, these creatures can make crawl space maintenance difficult, and pose a threat to your family.   

Many contractors also provide services for crawl space mold removal near Seattle. Seattle and Tacoma see a lot of rainfall, so the contractors providing services in these cities are experts you can rely on.