We consider your health as our primary responsibility. The spread of Coronavirus disease has taken a big toll on public health globally. In the wake of COVID-19, the government has taken some serious actions. As per the governor’s recent order, people have to stay at home and only essential businesses can operate for a couple of days until the situation is under control. In this crucial time, maintaining the hygiene and safety of your home is more important than ever. Hence, only the services which are supposed to support public health and safety like trash pickup, spot cleaning, sanitation, mold and rodents removal, cleanup, etc are allowed to operate as per the government’s recent order. We are recognized under ‘other community-based government operations and essential functions’ and are supposed to keep providing our services such as safety, sanitation, mold and rodents removal, cleanup, etc to ensure the overall health of your home and the residents. Since people are supposed to stay at home to avoid community spread, we have to ensure the safety, hygiene, and comfort to make the quarantine period easy for you. Hence we are functional to keep your house safe and ensure your comfortable living. We request you to stay home, be safe and take immediate action on the safety of your house. Please contact us if you have any safety issues related to your attic and crawl space area. We are here to take care of you even in this crucial time.