Top 5 Signs to You Need to Check Your Crawl Space & Attic Insulation

Any expert for crawl space & attic insulation in Seattle worth his salt will tell you about the signs to check for when your home’s insulation needs a closer look. However, there are some things you can also check to know the quality of your home’s insulation. Here are the top 5 signs you need to check your attic and crawl space insulation.

Inconsistent Room Temperatures

You walk into a room; it suddenly feels hot. You walk into another room; it suddenly feels cold. You are constantly needing to switch on air-conditioners or adjust the thermostat to manage the inconsistent temperatures. This is a clear sign that something is wrong with the crawl space insulation or attic insulation or both. Sometimes, the temperature difference is not that much and can get easily ignored. You need to be alert for this sign. 

The 3 Ms – Moisture, Mold, and Mildew

Moisture, mold, and mildew are sure-fire signs that the insulation protection of the home has been compromised. These things will first show up either in your attic or crawl space or both. If you cannot spot them, but still feel a mustiness in the air, you can hire the services of an insulation inspection expert who will be able to look closely and spot the problem areas. 

Higher Power Bills

If you are getting bills higher than usual for no reason, this could be a sign that your home’s insulation needs to be inspected. Good insulation helps you save on your power bill, so when the insulation quality is bad, it’s only logical that your power bill will increase. 

Weird Drafts Indoor

You are sitting in the living room, watching tv and suddenly you feel a draft of air. You walk upstairs to your bedroom; you feel another draft. These are signs that the insulation in your home has been compromised. The quality and thickness have been depleted, leaving space for air to enter. Once air enters, moisture and water are not far away. So, if you are feeling phantom drafts in your home, get insulation inspection done. 

Old Insulation Material 

If your home’s insulation is old, it’s time to check your crawl space and attic insulation. Insulation material used decades ago was not of the best quality. It was even found to be harmful to your health. So, irrespective of all the signs mentioned above, if your insulation material is old, you need to get it checked ASAP. 

If you are seeing any of the 5 signs mentioned, start searching for contractors for crawl space and attic insulation in Tacoma or nearby cities like Seattle, and get the issues fixed to have a happy, healthy home.