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Crawl Space Services

Crawl space remedy has all the services like crawl space clean up, sump drainage solutions, mold treatment, crawl space pest control, etc to improve your house and make it healthy. We are just one call away to transform your crawl space for good.


Attic Services

Attic areas are out of sight but an important part of your house. Keeping it in a good condition makes it energy efficient, improves indoor air quality, saves money and saves you from many issues. We, at Crawl Space Remedy, provide one-stop solutions to all your worries like attic insulation, roof mold treatment,attic rodent control, etc.


Waterproofing Services

Get your house free from pests with our pest control management services. Whether it is cockroaches,termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, or any kind of pests ruining your house, we take care of them with unparalleled perfection.


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We take care of your home to maintain its health and integrity. The inevitable issues like moisture, rodents, dirt, holes, etc can destroy your beautiful house and moreover, become a danger to your health. What do you need to do then? Here Crawl Space Remedy comes to the rescue…. We are the specialists in identifying and fixing all the issues pertaining to the places in your house, even the ones which are out of your reach. Our expert attic and crawl space services like control moisture, installing insulation, mold treatment, attic and crawl space insulation, rodent exclusion, cleanup, air, and duct services will make it all easy for you.

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Frederick Lizeth
Frederick Lizeth
We are glad that we appointed Diversified Crawl Space Services for crawl space insu.lation at our home. They came and remove my dama.ged insu.lation and they replaced it with a newer, further eff.icient insu.lation. Our home was using stay-rods, which over time lose their tightness and cause the insu.lation to drop to the ground. But all thanks to Diversified as they used twine to keep our insu.lation in place as well as eliminate any or sagging of insu.lation. I am so relie.ved now as they have done a great job at a reaso.nable price.
Caitlyn Maggie
Caitlyn Maggie
Diversified Crawl Space cleaned up the crawl space for us. Basically, took care of clean out and the installation of new vapor barrier and removal old one. The team was knowledgeable. It took more than the expected time but Diversified did a thorough job. I will certainly hire them again
Roy Sanford
Roy Sanford
Our inspector Matt arrived on time and was very professional. He gave us an accurate assessment of crawl space insulation related work. We replaced the insulation and vapor barrier. They did a great job of insulation.
carol collins
carol collins
Diversifies crawl Space Services delivered a great results for our crawl space vapor barrier replacement project. They did a great job to solve crawl space problems. They had a well-trained staff and workers who did first crawl space cleaning and then vapor barrier replacement
Francene Needham
Francene Needham
Our inspector Ray arrived on time and was very professional. He gave us an accurate assessment of crawl space insulation related work. We replaced the insulation and vapor barrier. They did a great job of insulation.
Leonie Kell
Leonie Kell
Got Diversified to do an inspection of crawlspace. Easy to set up the appointment and thorough job of assessment. Diversified technicians did nice job of crawl space cleaning and drainage (put in french drain) to remove the water from a crawl space.
William . R
William . R
Prompt service to install sump pump for my crawl space.
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We finished another comprehensive Crawl Space Cleaning Seattle WA, Crawl Space Insulation WA, Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Seattle WA Installation Project.