Basement Waterproofing & Sump Pump Installation Services In Seattle

Expert Crawlspace Waterproofing in Seattle

Looking for a remedy to keep your crawl space dry and healthy?

Water damage is one of the major threats for your crawl space that damages it more than anything else. Treating a crawl space that is prone to moisture damage is necessary. If left untreated it can give rise to many other related problems in the future including pest infestation, structural damage, mold, and mildew infestation, dirty crawlspace, etc. To get away with these issues and save your crawl space you need to get waterproofing treatment done if required.

How do you know that you need waterproofing services for crawl space?

The presence of these signs listed below will help you understand whether you need to get waterproofing treatment done for your crawl space or not.

  • Persistent water in the basementPersistent water in the basement
  • The floor is wet and dirty all the time
  • Structural damage in the crawl space
  • Molds, mildew and pest infestation

What are the ways to waterproof the crawl space area?

There are various kinds of treatments available depending upon the condition of your crawlspace like perimeter drain, sump pump system, drainage sheet, dehumidifier, etc.

Out of all these treatments, the sump pump is one by most preferred ones by the contractors out there. A sump pump is a very effective waterproofing treatment where a system of pumps is installed at the lowest point of your crawl space area. What this pump system does is to extract out the water from the crawl space and leave it outside the area of concern. This way it never allows water to stand in the crawl space and hence save it from water problems.

Crawlspace Remedy is one of the best contractors near you providing waterproofing service Seattle. We check your crawl space thoroughly and as per the condition we offer a tailor-made waterproofing treatment to save it from the vapor damage.

Our waterproofing services will keep your house healthy, dry, and clean. If you are tired of your crawlspace having water issues call us at 206-387-8563. We are available 24/7 for your service.