Crawl Space Cleaning Comprehensive Guide

Crawl space cleaning is a difficult task at homes because of its narrow space. The majority of the people consider crawl space cleaning as an important aspect of the home for them because it neatly holds ductwork, plumbing, and electrical conduit which would otherwise consume living space at home.

To improve air quality and humidity levels in the space crawl , you must do crawl space cleaning, vapor barriers, and insulation removal procedures if suggested by the contractor. However, it would be unsafe for those untrained workers to work with mildew crawl space cleaning projects since this is poorly lit and has a tight dirty floor. It would be advisable to hire professional workers who can do quality crawl space cleaning projects at home.

What is a Crawl Spaces?

Crawl space is the space between the ground and the floor bottom of the house. This space has 1-2 square feet in height. The fundamental function of crawl spaces is to give an additional place for the plumbing components, HVAC equipment, and electrical wiring.

The only possible way to access this area or support beams is by crawling due to the limited space of this spot or area.

Crawl Space dirt

Why Crawl Space Cleaning Is Important?

As homeowners, if you clean your crawl space at home, you will surely have great benefits. And if the crawl space remains uncleaned, then there will be molds and other types of fungal growth which may result in serious diseases. Homeowners like you need to clean a crawl space to help you to be free from any possible crawl space issues. Furthermore, lack of appropriate maintenance may result in the build-up of the various problems which include:

• Diseases brought by the rodent activities

crawl space rodent activities

• Infestation of the insects, animals, and pests which would cause damage to wiring

• Standing sewage or water

• Structural loss of integrity because of the excessive rots, moisture, infestation, black mold, etc.

crawl space inspection report

• Insulation weakening caused by the moisture which results in increased energy charges and heat loss.

These are the importance of cleaning exercise or keeping your crawl space clean at home. So, it would be better to find a contractor who can work on the project for better improvement.

How do You Clean a Crawl Space?

You may pay for professional service providers who can clean crawl space for you or provide vapor barrier services. Of course, they will do an inspection first which may also charge you from $100-$250. Crawl Space Remedy carries out the free inspection. The inspector for your crawl space will examine if there are some weaknesses on the foundation, presence of mildew or molds, unwanted smells, ventilation status, insulation problems, the strength of vapor barrier, electrical wiring condition, pest & other types of rodents infestations, sewage pipes, leaking water, and others. Then they will recommend the remedial measures.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Crawl Space?

The average cost cleaning your crawl space can be around $6000. However, charge may still vary depending on the condition of crawl space and total area. The total repair costs can range from $1500 to $15000. Moreover, the charges for just a plain cleaning of crawl space may run up to $500-$4000 depending on its accessibility, size, and what is to be removed from that mold area.

For you to have an idea about its actual price, below are the lists of prices for crawl space repair project:

• Water damage – This varies from $1200 to $4500.

• Foundation – It costs from $2000 to $7000.

• Fiberglass Insulation – You may pay for the price around $1000 to $4000.

• Structural – It may charge you from $1500 to $5000.

• Crawl Space Encapsulation – It costs from $1500 to $15000.

1.Wet Crawl Space Cost for the Repair at Home

The cost of the publish date repair and cleaning of water damage may cost from $1200 to $4500. Moreover, some preventive measures such as waterproofing and encapsulation may cost you from $15000 or even more than that. You may need to replace or restore walls or wooden walls that may cost you up to $2000. With further actions like fixing the damage of crawl space insulation or mold removal, another cost will incur too.

crawl space drainage

2. Cost for the Repair of the Foundation Settling of Crawl Space at Home

Fixing the foundation may cost from $2000-$7000 or even more than that. You may need to shore up or replace fix cracks, supports, and even relevel your house. The best crawl space repair contractor can secure it by using piles/piers or mud jacking. Mud jacking image may cost from $500 to $1500 and piles or piers may cost from $1000 to $3000 for every unit.

crawl space foundation repair

3.Cost for Insulation Removal from the Crawl Space

Its removal plus replacement will cost from $1000-$4000.Inadequate or damaged insulation could affect energy efficiency. The price depends on the type you’ll get and if you’ll either waterproof its foundation or not. Here is the actual cost for installing a crawl space insulation and waterproofing:

• Installation of batting insulation – $1000 to $2300

• Installation of air spray foam type of insulation – $1300 to $4000

• Waterproofing of basement – $2000 to $6500

A lot of insulation will keep the air temperature from coming to floorboards. Sealing an unsealed space will help you by keeping the air outside from entering.

crawl space insulation

4.Costs for the Replacement of Support Beam on the Crawl Space

The replacement for the support beam would cost around $1500-$5000. The price depends on the problem’s difficulty, specifically used material, and other structural damages.

5. Crawl Space Rodent Removal Costs

Removing rodents or rodent droppings would cost around $200-$500. Some people may request works for complete rodent removal, wood rot, sealing, odor neutralizer, and cleaning your crawl space, which may cost around $2000-$4000. On the other hand, removal of mold would be around $1000-$3500. Since the crawl space has mold, then water or moisture issues are also associated with it. So, for you to address this moisture or mold concern, encapsulation, sealing, vapor barrier, and air dehumidifiers are required. Aside from mold, fungi may also your problem in the moisture crawl space. And removing it would charge you around $1000-$3500.

crawl space rodent removal - rat slab

Crawl Space Cleaning Costs Summary

Crawl space cleaning in a professional way would cost from $500 to $15000. Professional crawl space service providers like Crawl Space Remedy may charge you based on the 3 main factors such as condition, space size, and what specific type of debris they will clean. The price for removing junks or construction debris and getting rid of rodents or mold smells may vary because of the difficulty of the nature of work. Different types of debris may provide additional fees for the service of professional workers.


Can I Remove Dirt From the Crawl Space?

Yes, you can remove the dirt but it’s good to hire a professionals.

Should You Hire Crawl Space Cleaning Contractor?

Crawl Spaces in Washington are not easy to gain an access to do cleaning and repair. Crawl Spaces can also have dangerous materials and you can get exposed to allergies, dust, and mold. You can injure yourself as well. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional crawl space cleaning contractor near you.

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Our experts have complete facilities, equipment, respirator mask, and other stuff to give you the best vapor barriers or any related services you need. If you think that your crawl space suit needs some repair and air cleaning, then it would be better to find an expert company like Crawl Space Remedy. Highly experienced professionals will help you address your problems regarding energy bills as well as the proper maintenance of your crawl spaces.