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4 Issues to Look out for During an Attic Insulation

It’s that time of the ear when people start looking for services for attic insulation in Tacoma. Spring is about to come, making it an ideal time for attic inspection. If you are planning to check it for yourself, here are 4 issues to look out for during an attic inspection. 

Faulty Insulation – If your home is old, you are most likely to have faulty insulation. Old homes do not measure up to the modern code which requires insulation to be 12 inches. Therefore, when you are doing an attic check, make sure your insulation needs are according to the law. If not, hire the services of insulation contractors who will get your attic up to code. You will feel the difference in temperature during the winter season and save money that can be redirected towards a grander Christmas. 

Faulty Ventilation – Just like you, your attic also needs to breathe. Faulty ventilation is one of the biggest causes of moisture in the attic. During rains, moisture comes in but has no place to get out. This moisture is the perfect breeding ground for mold. During the summers, heat comes in but has no place to get out. Trapped moisture and heat can cause a lot of damage to the attic. So, during your attic check, make sure the ventilation in the attic is perfect. Good ventilation will also ensure all the stuff that you’ve stored in the attic remains in good condition. 

Rodents – Imagine seeing a mouse in your kitchen. You will stop whatever you are doing and call in the exterminator. Sadly, people don’t even bother to check if there are any rodents in the attic. Ignorance is bliss, they say, but this ignorance can really cost you a lot. Rodent droppings can cause a major health hazard, and you will completely need to replace the attic insulation. To prevent this, along with regular checks, you also must ensure that there are no tree branches reaching up to the roof. That’s the road rodents use. 

Poorly Directioned Bathroom Fans – A lot of moisture is created in the bathroom, and bathroom fans are supposed to vent outside. Many times, owing to faulty designs and equipment, the ducts from the bathroom go to the attic vent. This will cause the attic to absorb all the moisture created in the bathrooms. Now imagine, the daily amount of moisture and odors created in the bathrooms, and all it if going starlight into the attic. This is a recipe for disaster. So, during your attic inspection, make sure you for this particular problem. 

Watch out for the 4 problems mentioned above. However, instead of doing the inspection, just hire the services of professional contractors who do a thorough job of spotting these issues. Just looks for services for attic insulation in Tacoma or services for attic insulation near Seattle. You will find some good names online who will also offer fair prices for their services.