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Crawl space is prone to water damage, especially during heavy rain. Therefore, it is important to keep it dry with a proper drainage system. Since we specialize in crawl space repair, we provide the best drainage solutions to keep these ignored but important areas of your house dry and healthy.

What can you do to fix water problems in crawl space?

Installing a sump pump: Sump pump is installed at the lowest level of the affected place. A good sump pump installed in your crawl space can take care of the standing water efficiently. It pumps out any water collected there like a plumbing leak, melting snow, groundwater, rainwater.

Perimeter Drain:-For big issues with stagnant water in your crawl space, perimeter drain is the solution. It is fitted around the interior walls and connected to a sump pump through pipes. No matter how big is the issue, the perimeter drain is a very effective and efficient solution for water drainage problems.

 Vapor Barrier:- A vapor barrier is specifically used for damp proofing to stop the diffusion of water or moisture through the surroundings. This along with the drainage system takes care of the moisture problems in the crawl spaces.

Why is water a problem for your crawl space?

Molds:- Molds and mildew formation thrive for moisture and hence start developing in the areas infected.

Pest infestation:- Pests, mites, and rodents love dirty and moist crawl spaces.

Energy loss:- Improper drainage leads to higher energy bills as your house will cost more to heat and cool because of energy loss.

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