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Crawl space cleaning is the primary step of a successful crawl space repair procedure. If it is not cleaned properly, there is a higher possibility that you can not get benefits from insulation installation, encapsulation, and vapor barrier. You may attempt to clean the crawl space by yourself, but it may be harmful to you if you do not have proper gears and equipment. Crawl space cleaning professionals possess all types of necessary equipment and tools along with extensive training, as a result, they are best at cleaning work. Crawl Space Remedy is a well-reputed crawl space cleaning service provider in Tacoma and other surrounding areas. We provide the best quality cleaning services at a very competitive price.

Symptoms that indicate crawl space problem

The most neglected and least visited part of a house is its crawl space or under-home space. Crawl space quality is significantly connected with the health of the home and air quality. Bad crawl space quality is enough to jeopardize your home quality. There are symptoms, if you see those symptoms, you need to be worried, take action immediately. At worst, those symptoms can be a primary indication of a bigger disaster. Those symptoms are:

  • Your indoor home will have high humidity.
  • You will smell musty odors from downstairs. These odors will impact the upstairs environment. 
  • Heating and cooling expenditure will be higher day by day.
  • Mold and mildew in the crawl space.
  • Infestations of pests, rodent,s and insects.
  • Allergic reactions will increase.
  • Contaminated insulation or wet insulation in the floor joists.
  • Standing water
  • Moisture problem in crawl space.
  • And many more.

Why crawl space cleaning is necessary

Problems in the crawl space will affect the indoor home air. So, the crawl space has to be cleaned as much as possible. There are numerous benefits of cleaning the crawl space. Let’s have a look at a few of the importance of crawl space cleaning Tacoma:

  • It will increase the quality of air.
  • Fungus, mold, and mildew will be removed during the cleaning process. Fungus, mold, and mildew are the source of allergic reactions.
  • The moisture of crawl space will be reduced which will not let the pests grow.
  • Indoor humidity will reduce.
  • Change or repair the damaged insulation, vapor barrier, and air duct so that these can work properly.
  • Pest control and keep the critters out.
  • Elimination of bad and musty odors.
  • Reduced energy costs
  • And many more.

Our Crawl Space Cleaning Services in Tacoma, WA

If you are determined to clean your crawl space, you have taken the primary and prominent step to get a diligent crawl space. Our skilled crawl space cleaning team will inspect your crawl space and disinfect and clean that area thoroughly. Our crawl space cleaning service includes:

Crawlspace cleanout and attic cleanout.

Crawl spaces and attic both are part of a house that is neglected quite often. If those spaces are not maintained regularly, the health of your home will be impacted. Those spaces are great spaces for animals and rodents to live and they cause all types of contamination. (Comp.) is experts in cleaning, and decontaminating your crawl space and attic.

Crawlspace restoration and attic restoration

Crawl space cleaning and decontaminating is not everything, it has to be restored if any damage happens. Repair work should take place if any damage is spotted. Our experts have proficiency in restoring crawl space and attic.

Carpentry alterations

Carpentry alteration is another part of crawl space restoration. Wood may have rotten, screws may have fallen from crawl space over time, as a result, it becomes necessary to repair carpentry materials.


Sealing is required for any cleaning and restoration service. Our professional crawl space cleaning experts are highly skilled in sealing holes, scratches of crawl space. Sealing helps to prevent water from entering into crawl space, pest growth, water leaking, and many more.

Removal of damaged vapor barrier and insulation 

Damaged vapor barrier and insulation will not work properly, it is better to be removed. As a part of cleaning, we will remove damaged vapor barrier and insulation if you wish.

Sanitization and Deodorization for bad smells

Bad smells occur from the moisture of the crawl space, mold, and mildew. It makes the natural air hazardous. Our experts will do the sanitization and deodorization of the crawl space for bad odors.

Animal, pests, and Rodent proofing and prevention

Unwanted animals, rodents, and pests are the biggest enemy of a crawl space. These can make the crawl space a graveyard of animals and pests. So, it has to be cleaned and proofed. We will do the proofing against unwanted animals and pests.

Mold and mildew removal

Removal of mold and mildew is necessary. It can cause serious structural damage. After removal, prevention action should be taken.

Services you may need after cleaning

Crawl space restoration does not just end in cleaning or sanitizing. Some areas may have damages that need to be repaired. We also provide after cleaning service to prepare your crawl space properly. Services like:

Custom Installation of new vapor barrier and insulation

After a longer period of time, crawl space insulation and vapor barrier may get damaged. If those are repairable, we will repair them. But if those are not repairable, we will install new crawl space insulation and vapor barrier. There are various insulation options like spray foam, foam board, and fiberglass batt Insulation, you can choose any one of them.

Resolve ground water problems

Groundwater problems may arise from poor ground structure or leakage. We will resolve the groundwater problems to make the space dry for a longer period of time.

Repair sagging floors

The sagging floor is a sign of a damaged underfloor structure. If it is not repaired on time, it may result in whole house structural damage. Our professional crawl space crew is highly capable of repairing sagging floors.

Mold and mildew remediation and prevention

Crawl space flooding or standing water and improper ventilation are the main culprits of mold and mildew growth. So, the only removal of mold and mildew will not give you a full solution, it needs to be remediated and prevented.

Our crawl space services do not end here. Any kind of repair work you need for your crawl space, we will do it for you.

Professional crawl space cleaning Tacoma

We, Crawl Space Remedy, is a locally owned crawl space cleaning and repairing service company that provides all types of crawl space installation, repair, and cleaning services in Tacoma and its surrounding areas. We are specialized in curing all kinds of crawl space problems. Our professional crawl space experts are highly experienced, well trained, and skilled in dealing with any kind of crawl space situation. 

If you are looking for a professional crawl space cleaners in your area, (comp.) will provide you the best crawl space cleaning service along with restoration and repair service.

Crawl space cleaning is not our only business. We also provide Crawl Space Drainage, Crawl Space Moisture Barriers, Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems. If you need any of these services, contact us today.

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Crawl Space Remedy is the pioneer in crawl space cleaning service in Tacoma, Pierce, and other surrounding areas. We are ready to serve any kind of crawl spaces services you need. If you have any kind of queries or questions regarding crawlspace cleaning service, call us at (206) 387-8563. Contact us to get a free inspection today.


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