Crawl Space Cleaning, Inspection, Repair in Port Orchard, WA

Port Orchard, WA, has a harsh weather for your crawl space. Thus, it is essential to ensure that it is built, designed and crawl space cleaning in Port Orchard, WA is done by a reliable contractor. A properly built and regular crawl space cleaning does not give you frequent problems during the harsh weather condition.

Crawl Space Cleaning, Port Orchard, WA

Usually, most crawl spaces are dirty because owners neglect to clean it. Can you still recall the last time you visited your crawl area? A crawlspace typically features a dank, dark, and somehow damp environment. With that in mind, odors and critters enjoy this environment.

  1. Availing our crawl space cleaning service is important as it increases the healthy enjoyment and durability of your house. This is being done by getting rid of the odors, pests, moisture, and heat loss.
  2. We are treating your crawl space carefully. We are using quality pesticides in eliminating and killing rodent and termite infestations.

Crawl Space Water Removal, Port Orchard, WA

It cannot be denied that the under part of your house, which is the basement or crawl space, is often neglected. If you ignore it for a longer time, problems in crawl spaces may occur. Water in this area usually causes of undetectable leaks or heavy rain.

  1. Neglected and untreated water can make your crawl space damp. The dampness can increase the level of moisture in the said area. Considering the humid climate of Port Orchard, WA, moisture can be doubled when there is stagnated water in the crawl area.
  2. Water stagnation in your crawl space allow bugs and other pests to grow. Dark and small spaces are the friends of bugs. But do you know what his best-friend is? It’s water! Prevent water infestations. You can call us at to set an appointment for our Crawl Space Water Removal services.

Crawl Space Mold Removal, Port Orchard, WA

Crawl spaces feature the earthen floor, enabling the moisture evaporation to happen in the lowest part of your home. An increased moisture level can lead to mold growth. This is true if your crawl area doesn’t feature a vapor barrier.

  1. We, Crawl Space Remedy, are willing to give you our crawl space mold removal services at a low price. To prevent or control mold growth, we will restrict the groundwater or unwanted rain from entering your crawl space.
  2. We will fix the ventilation of the crawl space to prevent making a cool and warm air, which can lead to surface condensation.

Crawl Space Insulation, Port Orchard, WA

As mentioned, crawl space is the area that is located under your house. Therefore, it can lead to the absorption of the earth’s natural cold. When this has been absorbed, it will then be evaporated to the air present in the crawl area.

  1. At Crawl Remedy Space, we perform our crawl space insulation services with care. We put your satisfaction as our top priority. That’s why we are doing our best to give you quality work without spending too much.
  2. We install a proper crawl space insulation system. So, you can rest assured that various irritants and allergens will not enter your house, enabling you to breathe good air quality.

Crawl Space inspection & Repair, Port Orchard, WA

Our crawl space inspection and repair services can be done in a few hours. But if our teams notice damages in your crawl space, our services take some time. Our teams and staff are knowledgeable and can answer your questions regarding the services we offer. Why should you avail of our crawl space inspection and repair services? Here are the reasons.

  1. We perform full crawl space inspection. If our staff notice some weak areas in the crawl space, they will immediately repair it to avoid further damages. When the repair is done, our staff will share to you the preventative measures you should do to protect your home, especially your crawl space, from possible water damages in the future.
  2. Inspecting your crawl space is essential as it delivers lots of benefits. Regular inspection of crawl space keeps the different types of pests out. These pests include rodents, red ants, and termites, which are commonly called as havoc. When your crawl space is dull and damp, there’s a high chance that the population of these pests will double. Thus, a regular inspection of this area should be done by the professionals. We help those homeowners who are tired or don’t want to visit the dark and damp area of their crawl space.

We are the BEST Attic & Crawl Space Contractors in Port Orchard, WA!

Here at Crawl Space Remedy, all we want is to help households in Port Orchard, WA, by giving them low cost yet high-quality crawl space services. If you notice that your crawl area starts to wear out or requires some cleaningwater removal, and mold removal, you can call us.



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