Why Your Energy Bills are High: Poor Crawl Space Insulation

If you pay your electricity bills, you might already know that energy prices are increasing and one of the major reasons is poor crawl space insulation in Tacoma. It is projected to increase even more in the upcoming few years. Clearly, you are spending a huge part of your income in just paying the energy bills. Is there anything you can do about it? The answer is yes!

So what are you supposed to do to reduce your electricity bills? 

Our daily life and activities depend on the usage of electricity. Hence, we cannot stop using energy but what we can do is take a few measures which will save unnecessary loss of electricity. Let us start with what all consume the power of your house. Here are a few things mentioned below which might cause you unusually high electricity bills:-

  • Ineffective insulation
  • Changing energy prices
  • Ineffective appliances
  • Old heater or Air conditioner
  • Wastage of energy while not in use
  •  Air leakage because of damaged air sealing
  • Poor heating and cooling system

Out of these three, the most important thing to consider is to maintain the proper temperature of your house through insulators, which alone can save a lot of energy.

Do you know that heating and cooling itself consume 50 to 70% of the electricity in the houses? Speaking of which, you can decrease the energy needed to maintain an optimum temperature at your house by reducing frequent cooling or heating and can save a lot of money. Crawl space insulation costs a lot less than what you are paying because of a lack of insulation.

Insulating your house is mandatory to keep it at a compatible temperature. Most of the houses in Tacoma are not properly insulated and do not perform on high efficient energy efficiency levels.

Newly insulated houses are better insulators than the older ones because of a newly installed insulation system, and hence they are energy efficient too. If your house is old, you might need to consider old and poor insulation system removal and a new and effective insulation install. If you have a new house and still your energy bills are increasing, again you need a proper insulation system in your house.

How does an ineffective insulated house increase your energy bills?

  • Ineffective insulation makes it harder to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Improper fitting of an insulation system leads to air leakage in and out of your house and cause huge energy waste.
  • Poor insulation can make heat and cold air leak through the walls.
  • A damaged or poorly maintained insulation strains your heater or AC, making it harder to control the desired temperature, which in turn makes you pay for their maintenance cost.

How can effective insulation save your money?

A well fitted and properly working insulation system in your house is the best investment which will make your life easier. Here is how it saves your hard-earned money:-

  • If your house is properly insulated, it does not take too much energy to heat up or to get cold.
  •  Insulation makes it much easier to control the temperature.
  • It makes your home airtight, saving your heater or furnace a lot of effort.
  • It saves your furnace and air conditioner to get over exhausted and hence saves the maintenance cost.

If you are facing unusually high energy bills, we recommend getting a check on the insulation system of your house. There is a high chance that poor covering could be the reason for it.

However, just knowing the reason is not enough to deal with the problem. By adding effective protection to your walls you can keep the heat or cold inside and keep the outside air out, which controls the climate and makes it easier to maintain the temperature. You might be surprised to know how much you will be able to save posts by getting active insulation at your house.

If you are looking for crawl space insulation services in Tacoma contact 206-387-8563 number. We, at crawlspace remedy, provide repair services like old insulation removal and re-installation of new and energy-efficient crawl space insulation at your house.

Apart from this, we would also suggest you minimize the usage of electricity when it is not needed and also to unplug your electrical appliances while they are not used. These small tips may save your energy, wealth, and nature.

So, do you have any suggestions to control electricity bills at your house? Tell us in the comment section below.