Why Duct Insulation is Important for your Crawl Space?

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Proper duct insulation plays a very important part in maintaining the energy efficiency of your house. Do you know why?

As per a recent study, most of the house owners tend to spend more money every year for heating and cooling their place than what they should. The reason being a lot of energy gets wasted because of the leakage in the duct-work, particularly in crawl space.

This is not just a waste of money but also an exploitation of the environment.

What you need to do is to take professional help and invest in an effective duct system to reduce this huge energy loss.

What is the duct system?

It is a system of ducts in your house that circulate air throughout your house be it hot or cold through the duct sheets made of metal or fiberglass.

Crawl space is the area under your house that provides access to the wiring and plumbing. Because of the limited height, you literally have to crawl to reach this area. Since crawl space is also a part of your house, it also needs efficient duct-work for various reasons.

The issues with unconditioned crawl space

Having duct-work in your crawl space is important because it will keep the temperature of this part the same as the duct temperature.

What happens is, let’s say during winters, the crawl area could be very cold than the living space of your house which has the desired warm temperature set with the furnace. The cool air leaks inside the living room from crawl space and makes it hard to keep warm.

Because of this reason, the heater of your living room has to work more to make your house warmer. This continuous loss of heat because of air leakage increases energy bills and hence eventually makes you lose money. Again, during hot summers, the warm air hinders with your AC’s cooling capacity and leads to huge energy waste.

Also, a poor duct system leads to poor quality of air. Crawl space is generally an overlooked and unhygienic place prone to various problems like rodents infusion, molds formation, etc. The impure air when leaked into your living space can affect the quality of air inside your house and can also make many allergens and pathogens entering your house.

Benefits of Duct Insulation

Proper and effective insulation lowers the energy spent, protects and conserves energy and also takes care of the condensation issues.

You will be able to keep your home at the right temperature without exhausting the capacity of your furnace or AC.  Since the workload will be less, you can even save the maintenance and repair cost of your furnace and AC, use energy more efficiently and make a positive impact on the environment.

Overall you will save money, protect the environment and keep your home comfortable.

How to insulate the system properly

Good duct-work should be taken as a one-time investment. If you take professional help, choose the right insulation and get it installed properly, you do not have to worry about it for years.

Do not waste your money, fall for inefficient services and choose the right contractor to get the job done. Need any help with your duct system insulation?

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