Crawl Space Encapsulation

Why do you Need to Get Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space is a very important area of your house which is susceptible to many problems. It is dark and wet which is why it is susceptible to many problems and contaminants like molds, pests, rodents, and other infectious agents.

These problems, in turn, causes many other secondary issues like ineffective insulation, water damage, poor air quality, various health risks, and also structural damage to the house.

Encapsulation is a treatment which can be very beneficial to improve all these issues if you get it done the right way

Crawl space encapsulation is also called as basement sealing. It is one of the best ways to turn crawl space moisture proof making it clean, dry, and safe. It is a proven method of transforming a problematic crawl space into a safe and efficient basement.

What are the signs of a problematic crawl space?

Most of the homes in Tacoma and Seattle are suffering from various kinds of house issues. If you are also suffering from the following issues you need to get an encapsulation done for your crawl space too.

What is crawl space encapsulation?

As the name suggests it is somewhat like building an envelope on your crawlspace. Encapsulation separates the area below your home from your actual living space. It turns your crawlspace into a dry place free from moisture by installing a waterproof vapor barrier. Heavy-duty vapor barrier made of plastics and laminates is installed in the crawl space which seals all the gaps and vents. This makes the basement of your house clean and protects it from moisture, unwanted animals, molds, and other dangerous issues that are common in an unstructured crawlspace.

What are the benefits of crawl space encapsulation?

There are multiple benefits you can expect if you get your crawlspace encapsulated from the right place in the right way.

Reducing water damage: This is the best benefit provided by encapsulation. This process makes the basement dry and waterproof by not allowing water standing inside the basement causing any kind of vapor damage.

Better quality of air: If your crawl space is vented, it does not allow the formation of molds, bacteria, harmful microorganisms, pests, rodent infestation, etc. This makes your house safe by improving the quality of air in your house. 

Increase comfort:- Encapsulation helps in controlling humidity levels, maintains an optimum temperature, makes the insulation of the house easy for a comfortable living.

Saves money:– Encapsulation helps you save money on utility bills and maintenance cost of AC or furnace. By maintaining an optimum temperature and putting less pressure on your insulation, ductwork, AC, and furnace, it saves you a lot of maintenance cost. Moreover, it makes the crawl space energy efficient and saves you a lot of money on the electricity bills in the long run.

Preventing the entry of unwanted animals:- Encapsulation helps in protecting the wood under your home getting munched up by various organisms like bacteria molds, pests, termites rodents, etc. It guards your crawl space against all these unwanted and dangerous microorganisms.

Crawl space remedy is one of the pioneers in the industry of crawlspace treatments. Our specialized crawlspace repair services will transform your crawl space, making it healthy and safe for the residents.

We follow every critical step of an effective encapsulation delivering the treatment that is long-lasting, active, and fully customized as per the condition of your house. If you are considering a crawl space encapsulation in Tacoma and Seattle call us at 206-387-8563.