How to Control Pests and Rodents in Crawl Space

Have you paid attention to the noises coming from the basement of your house post evening?

Do you notice your crawl space is getting stinky and dirtier day by day? If yes, then it is a high chance that you are harbouring pests, termites, and rodents in the basement of your house.

Pests and rodents infestation in your house is not a small problem. Not only does it keep you up all night, but they also damage your property, cause multiple health problems and invite many bigger issues.

Common pests which exist in the crawl space:-

Mice:- Mice can squeeze their body and can even fit in very small openings which we do not even see. They cause damage to the structure and make the infected area dirty by defecating and urinating.

Rats:- Rats enter into your house through openings which are very small. They chew through wood, siding, drywall and everything around and can cause huge damage to your house and crawl space.

Squirrels:- Squirrels generally live in tree cavities but sometimes they barge into the basement area when the temperature goes down. They are the carriers of many diseases as they leave behind their feces and urine.

Insects and Pests:- Your basement is home for the insects, flies, cockroaches, spiders and different unwanted creatures which barge into your house during winters to get shelter and warm climate. They transmit many diseases and make the places around them dirty and contaminated.

How to identify pests and rodents in your crawl space:-

Before taking controlling measures you need to identify which kind of pests, insects or rodents are living in your space. Try to find out what kind of organisms live in your crawl space to take specific action accordingly. If you are not able to identify them, take help from professional rodent controllers.

How to control pests and rodents:-

There might be different pests and insects living at your place but few universal preventive measures work to eradicate all of them altogether. For example, keeping the food and water away, making the surrounding unsuitable for them, keeping the shelter clean and many more things. Let’s take a look at some of the most important steps to control these unwanted guests in your house.


Keeping your home clean and uncluttered is the most important step to keep pests and rodents at bay. Rodents search for food and wedding material to survive in the area. Cleaning will make the place less attractive to them.

Repairing the holes and cracks

Repairing the cracks and holes around the area which is infected keeps the rodents away from finding the entry points and hence decreases their number by making crawl spaces less accessible.

Sealing the entrance

Try to identify the entry points from where the rodents and pests are entering into the basement of your house and seal those access points right away.

Use pesticides and rodenticides

The use of chemicals like pesticides and insecticides is important after your area becomes infested by these animals. Once these animals are killed, they need to be removed and the place needs to be cleaned or else they will rot in the hidden places and create foul smell everywhere.


Keep your basement and crawl space well ventilated as these are the dwelling areas for the harmful animals to reside.

At the end, be aware of these creatures and take action as soon as you know that they exist before they do any harm to your place or your health.

If nothing works properly then we suggest you to take professional help and call the experts to get you out of this problem. Crawl space remedy provides professional rodents and pest control and removal services to completely eradicate these unwanted creatures from your house. Still,

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