4 Kinds of Molds which are Damaging your House

It is no brainer that moles are quite harmful and damaging to your home like anything. The major reason for the mole formation in your crawl space area is generally the presence of moisture. Due to water damage or wet surfaces, the moisture inside your home gives rise to toxic molds which can have a really bad impact on the well being of your house.

Moles can be of various types; some are harmless while some are quite dangerous and can cause serious health risks to you and your family.

Before treating any problem, it is mandatory to know what exactly you are dealing with. Hence we have compiled the information about the most harmful kinds of moles that can be found at your place. Let’s see what all kinds of moles are there in your crawl space area.

Black Molds

Also called Stachybotrys, these are one of the riskiest kinds of molds. These particular molds are too dangerous as it causes diarrhea, memory loss, headaches, flu fever, and many respiratory problems. It is quite dangerous and majorly affects children and old age people with weaker immune systems. You can identify the black mold as it is very dark in color. It might be green, grey or black depending on the area where it is formed and has a very musty smell.


This kind of mold is also somewhat similar to black mold. It is generally present in the darker areas like wallpaper, basement, carpets and caused by major water damage and presence of moisture. Just like a black mole, it is also proven to cause watery eyes, difficulty in breathing, many kinds of allergies, neurological problems and many other diseases.


Molds with AspergillusIt are slightly less harmful than black molds. For people with a bad immune system, it can be quite dangerous and can cause some dangerous allergic reactions and lung infections. The big concern with these kinds of molds is Aspergillus spores can be present and travel through the air.


Molds with Alternaria are quite common and well known to cause major allergies. They are found heavily during the time of summer and spring in places like textiles, canvas, cardboard cables, cables, crawl spaces, attic areas, etc.

What to do if you find moles developing in your crawl space?

The presence of mold in your house is a very serious issue that needs to be fixed as soon as possible taking professional help. Expert help is required for effective treatment so that the health of residents should not get affected and the treatment should be done in a safe manner. First, you need to get your home professionally tested. The professionals will properly inspect your place, analyze the situation and will suggest the best possible solution.

Treating molds by yourself is not suggested as it might not eradicate them from the root and might cause safety problems for you and your loved ones. Try to avoid them in advance by keeping the place free from moisture and avoid water damage as much as you can. Once molds affect your place, try to get professional help if possible so that the situation can be rooted out completely.

Untreated moles can become a big issue and affect the well being of your house as well as the members living in it. The best thing we could suggest to do is keeping your home clean and dry so that you can stay away from this problem well in advance.

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So, what kinds of molds have you come across in your house? Let us know in the comments below.